Natural Movement for the Caregiver and Child with MovNat Madison


A three part series for children 4 months to 2 years, with a caregiver, offered by MovNat Madison. Please register for each session individually: Wednesdays, November 3, November 10, and November 17

Making friends with the floor

Just like your little one will be spending more and more time exploring their environment via rolling, crawling etc, we too as caregivers can revisit ground based movement for restorative purposes. Ground movements are a great way to build foundational movement skills regardless of age. 

Move well first, then move more

As caregivers we spend lots of time picking up, putting down, lifting and carrying our little ones. Ensuring we are using the proper mechanics will help us move efficiently and effectively and limit the potential for injury.

Get stronger and having fun

From wearing to getting up with our littles we can find many ways to get stronger as they grow. This not only helps to ensure lots of good bonding time but lots of opportunities to move and play together. 

Natural Movement® is a movement discipline that utilizes biologically and evolutionarily appropriate movements to help restore and maintain health and fitness. The main goal is to equip individuals with the movement skills and physical competency to handle real life situations regardless of contextual demands. 

Pinney Library
Youth Program Room
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