ONLINE--Telling Fact from “Fake News”: Digital Literacy Training for Adults: Online Event Signup

Telling Fact from "Fake News"

Has a friend or family member ever shared a news article with you that turned out to be “fake news”? Or have you ever passed along information only to later learn that it was misinformation? It’s challenging to navigate all the information we encounter daily. But the good news is that there are some essential skills that you can learn to become a more conscientious news consumer and be able to sort fact from fake news.

This training, led by educator and researcher Sara Thomas, will empower participants to be active consumers of digital content in their daily lives. We will focus on developing and practicing cognitive and technical skills like lateral searching, assessing conflicts of interest, identifying sponsors, evaluating evidence, and more. You will leave with some basic resources that will prepare you to intervene when you encounter misinformation. Designed especially for older adults, this training will benefit any curious and thoughtful adult learners. Participants should be familiar with performing a basic internet search.

This program will be presented online, via Zoom. Please register for the program to receive the link. If you need helping accessing this program on Zoom, please contact any Madison Public Library location.

This event is sponsored by the Center for the Humanities at UW-Madison and Madison Public Library.

About the presenter: Sara Thomas is a writing teacher, editor, and researcher, who has been teaching “digital literacy” to freshman at UW-Madison for 4 years. She researches the connections between environmental history and race in circum-Caribbean literature and culture. Her border collie, Alfred, and vegetable garden keep her very busy.

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