Black Girls Don't by Prenicia Clifton: In-Person Event Signup

Prenicia Clifton

Prenicia tells her story of overcoming society putting young Black girls in a box and what it really means to create your own path in life. Prenicia to this day constantly challenges the stereotypes of Black women and uses her story to inspire youth.

Black Girls Don’t Sing Opera!

What does it mean to be a Black girl performing in a predominantly white field? 

Black Girls Don’t Lead!

What does it mean to be a Black girl breaking barriers and leading a community? 

Black Girls Don’t Read!

What does it mean to be a Black girl overcoming an undiagnosed learning disability? 

Black Girls Don’t Speak Out!

What does it mean to dedicate one’s life to activism as a Black woman? 

Black Girls Don’t Tell!

What does it mean to overcome abuse and tell on your abuser?

Presenter Bio:

Prenicia Clifton is an accomplished opera singer with credits in major opera houses around the world; including opening opera houses with Placido Domingo, sharing the stage with Grammy Award winning artist-Denyce Graves, and becoming the first African American to sing in a Chinese opera house solely in Mandarin.

Clifton is the founder of Seein' is Believin' an organization committed to improving educational spaces through a culturally responsive lens and educating communities on the best ways to support the holistic safety of youth. Seein' is Believin' offers workshops, project management, consulting and planning for K-12 youth outreach activities as well as community training in Youth Protection and Youth  Mental Health First Aid. Our classroom workshops are focused in Social Emotional Learning, Diversity and Equity, and increasing representation in K-12 spaces. For more information visit our website at
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