Anime Club: Onihei

Cover image for the anime Onihei. Shows the main character standing in a room with a few of the minor characters in the background. The title of the show is written in white text in both Japanese and English on the left side of the image.

Love anime, or been wanting to get into it? Join us Wednesday evenings in March for Meadowridge Library Anime Club's History Month to watch and talk about some of our favorite historical anime!

This week, we will be watching Onihei. It’s the latter half of the Edo period when cruel thieves feared Heizo Hasegawa, known as “Heizo the Oni". He is the head of Arson Theft Control. He never tolerates injustice and punishes criminals who violate the three articles of a thief. Surrounded by quirky characters, Heizo rids the injustice that infests the city of Edo.

This anime is appropriate for ages 15 and up. Come hungry! Dinner will be served at this week's anime club. 

Meadowridge Anime Club

Meadowridge Library
Study Room A
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