Ashman Film Fest presents Alberto Lattuada's Mafioso (1962)

Maifoso (1962) film poster

Mafioso (1962)

Dir: Alberto Lattuada

"In Alberto Lattuada's brilliant dark comedy Mafioso, auto-factory foreman Nino (Alberto Sordi) takes his proper, modern wife (Norma Bengell) and two blonde daughters from industrial Milan to antiquated, rural Sicily to visit his family and get back in touch with his roots. But Antonio gets more than he bargained for when he discovers some harsh truths about his ancestors—and himself. One of the first Italian films to look frankly at the Mafia, Lattuada's devastatingly funny character study is equal parts culture-clash farce and existential nightmare."  -Criterion Collection

Not rated. 102 mins.

Alicia Ashman Library
Community Room
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