CANCELED: Arts in the Alley - Boat Regatta and Foam Robot Workshop


Drop-in anytime between 1:30pm - 3:00pm and make a boat! Carve or construct small foam boats from recycled materials, styrofoam or pool noodles. Use dowels or screwers to create masts and sails. (You may have to provide your own wind!) Add ballast (weight) through decoration or adding pennies and see if you can get your boat to float or sail in a rain gutter course.

Workshop will be held in Hawthorne's alley space. Workshop will not include the rain gutter course and will be held in the Hawthorne Library's community room in the event of rain or severe weather.

This program is geared towards youth over the age of 5. Youth 5 and under will require assistance from a caregiver.

Hawthorne Library
*In Hawthorne Library
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This event does not require registration.