Ashman Film Fest featuring Rosalind Russell in NO TIME FOR COMEDY (DVD)


NO TIME FOR COMEDY is about a small-town writer who makes it on Broadway when he writes a humorous play about wealthy socialites. There, he eventually marries the play's star and pens several more popular comedies. However, things change drastically when he meets an upper-class seductress who convinces him to write a more serious production and leave his wife, but he quickly comes to regret both decisions.

Rated: Not rated. 92 mins. Production year: 1940.

(Catherine Rosalind Russell, b. June 4, 1907– d. November 28, 1976, was an American actress, comedian, screenwriter, and singer who won all five Golden Globes for which she was nominated.)

Each month, the Alicia Ashman Film Festival showcases one actor or actresses' talent by screening different films they were featured in. These movies take place in the Community Room at Alicia Ashman library every Wednesday from 1:30-3 p.m. Come enjoy films that take you along on the artistic journey of one actor each month!

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