USPS Job Fair


Staff will be on hand to assist applicants through the hiring process online at We will provide information and literature on some of the various positions being offered within Madison and the surrounding area, but we can also assist with the application process for positions anywhere within the United States for current available Postal positions that populate on our website. The agenda would look something like this:

Help applicants-

  1. Create a USPS candidate profile
  2. Guidance to search available USPS positions
  3. Guidance with the application
  4. Examination requirements met
  5. Guidance through the next steps after their application and exam requirements are met.
  6. Fingerprint those applicants in preparation for the upcoming NACI/SF 85 background screening

Employment Opportunities

  • Postal Support Employee (PSE) - $18.69 per hour
  • Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) - $19.06 per hour
  • Assistant Rural Carrier (ARC) - $19.06 per hour
  • City Carrier Assistant (CCA) - $18.51 per hour


United States Postal Service Jobs
Hawthorne Library
*In Hawthorne Library
Staff Info
Reserved time: -
Setup: 1/2 Hour
Takedown: 1/2 Hour
Other - see notes

Event will be run by USPS staff but they will need 3-4 Hawthorne laptops.

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