ONLINE - Your Garden Can Feed You All Year

Photo of vegetables -- tomatoes, eggplant, beans, and peppers -- on a grey cloth

With the right planning you can eat food from your garden all year long. This fun and interactive workshop with Megan Cain of The Creative Vegetable Gardener will teach you how to have your earliest harvest ever in spring, keep the momentum going in summer through succession planting, and have a robust fall garden that feeds you all the way to holiday gatherings. Using simple techniques, you can extend the fruits of your labor into more months of the year so you’re getting the most food possible from your garden.

This event will be hosted virtually through Zoom. The link to this program will be sent to you by email when you sign up. Zoom is a free video platform, and you can watch on a browser, or through the free mobile app for ios or android. You can also call in with a phone to attend with audio only. 

This program is supported by the Friends of Lakeview Library. 


For more information on Megan and her work, visit her website.
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