ONLINE - The Enduring Appeal of Herbs as Medicine


With all the advantages of conventional modern medicine, why do people continue to go to the garden to gather chamomile or rosemary for healing, or seek a fabulous cure from deep in the rainforest or atop the Tibetan plateaus? And during the current crisis, when our assumptions about modern medicine may have been shaken, what role can herbs possibly have to play? Join Mary Halsted of Raven & the Hawthorn Tree Herbalism for a look at healing with plants from an historical and a practical viewpoint, and discover what this ancient practice still has to offer.    

This virtual event will take place in two parts. On Tuesday, December 1, 2020 at 6:30 PM, please join Mary Halstead for a live, virtual question & answer session.  Before the live event, please watch the recorded presentation on YouTube.  The links to the YouTube video and zoom event will be emailed when you sign up. 

Zoom is a free video platform, and you can watch on a browser, or through the free mobile app for ios or android.

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